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Dial "D" for the Devil and Other Dark Stories | Podcast E56

The Girl in the Coffin and Other Tales of Dread | Podcast

The Gruesome Greystone Mansion

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Up Under the Roof and Another Tale of Fear | Nightshade Diary Podcast

No Country for Cowards and Another Terrifying Tale | Podcast E55

Unholy Love and Other Tales of Riders from Hell | Podcast

The Iron Coffin

Psychic Bystander | Interview with Louisa Oakley Green | Stories of the ...

Glimpses in the Twilight and Other Disquieting Stories | Podcast E52

The Invisible Danger and Other Stories of the Unseen | Podcast E54

The Phantom Black Goat and Other Scottish Hauntings | Podcast

Nasty Sea Phantoms | Island, Sea and Cave Hauntings | Podcast

Spirits of Santa Fe | Interview with Allan Pacheco | Podcast

The White Lady of Sorrows and Other Spooky Stories | Supernatural StoryT...

The Witch's Cat | A Tale of Witchcraft | Nightshade Diary Podcast

The Phantoms of Notre-Dame Cathedral

Fearful Rock | An Eerie Story Part 3 | Nightshade Diary Podcast

A Presence in the Dark | True Ghost Stories | Supernatural Storytime E18

It Follows Me and Another Eerie Story | Podcast E51

The Vengeance of Ghosts and Other Stories of Dangerous Phantoms | Podcast

The Phantom Butler and Other Stories of Haunted Houses | Podcast

Siege Against Satan | Interview with Rev. Shawn Whittington | Stories of...

Fearful Rock | An Eerie Story Part 2 | Nightshade Diary Podcast

Stories of Strange Encounters | Podcast E50

Terror from the Shadows | Interview with Paul Taitt | Podcast

Spooky Stull Cemetery

The Black Robed Figure and Other Tales of Dark Beings | Podcast E49

Mysteries of the Paranormal | Interview with Greg Lawson | Podcast

The Hitchhiker's Ghost and Other Spine-Tingling Stories | Supernatural S...

Primeval Puzzles | Interview with Brien Foerster | Stories of the Supern...

Old-Fashioned Hitchhiking Ghost Stories

The Menace of Blackness and Other Haunting Encounters | Podcast

The Evil Cherub and Other Disturbing Stories | Podcast E48

Dark Estate | Interview with Anita Jo Intenzo | Podcast

Fearful Rock | An Eerie Story Part 1 | Nightshade Diary Podcast

The Girl With The Sharp Teeth and Other Dark Stories | Supernatural Stor...

The Missoula Mauler

The Witch's Cat | A Tale of Witchcraft | Podcast

Alien Agenda | Interview with Peter Robbins | Podcast

Phantoms and Monsters | Interview with Lon Strickler | Stories of the Su...

Something Spooky in the Dark and Other Scary Stories | Supernatural Stor...

School for the Unspeakable and Another Strange Story | Nightshade Diary ...

Up Under the Roof and Another Tale of Fear | Podcast

Mayan Rituals Included Human Sacrifice



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