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Stories of Strange Things | Podcast E47

Will the Real John Wilkes Booth Please Stand Up

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The Psychopath's Story

The Uninvited Bedfellow and Other Tales of Ghostly Encounters | Podcast E45

Fearful Rock | An Eerie Story Part 2 | Podcast

Living in a Haunted House | Scary Stories | Supernatural StoryTime E13

The Theater Upstairs and Another Weird Tale | Nightshade Diary Podcast

Haunted Republic | Interview with Remso Martinez | Stories of the Supern...

Mysterious Sightings | Interview with Al Santariga | Podcast

Alone with the Ghosts | Police and the Paranormal | Stories of the Super...

The Condemned House and Other Stories of Cursed Abodes | Podcast E44

The Hairy Ones Shall Dance | Werewolf Story | Podcast

The Horror Undying | Old West Vampire Story | Nightshade Diary Podcast

Memoirs of Reincarnation | Interview with Paul Amirault | Stories of the...

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The Mistress of the Spirit Mansion | Sarah Winchester's Story | Stories ...

A True & Malevolent Haunting | Interview with Edwin Becker | Stories of ...

Red Nails | A Tale of Conan the Cimmerian | Nightshade Diary Podcast

The Ghost in the Back Room and Other Stories to Make You Shiver | Podcast E43

School for the Unspeakable and Another Strange Story | Podcast

Some Strange Disturbances | Victorian Ghost Story | Nightshade Diary

Physicians' Untold Stories | Interview with Dr. Scott Kolbaba | Stories ...

The Werewolf Snarls and Another Dark Tale | Podcast

Beyond the Horizon | Interview at X-Zone Radio with Rob McConnell | Podcast

Some Scottish Hauntings and Other Dark Tales | Nightshade Diary Podcast

A Shadow in the Corner of the Room | Scary Stories | Supernatural StoryT...

The Theater Upstairs and Another Weird Tale | Podcast

The Detroit Ax Murder

The Opener of the Way | Curse of Anubis | Nightshade Diary Podcast

The Headless Woman of Charnet and Other Ghastly Tales | Nightshade Diary...

Paranormal X-Files | Interview at Military X-Files Radio Show | Podcast

The Old Victorian House | Tale of a Haunting | Supernatural StoryTime E10

The Devil's Adversary | Interview with Bill Bean | Podcast

The Haunting of Gladstone Villa and Other Scary Stories | Podcast E40

The Horror Undying | Old West Vampire Story | Podcast

Seen In A Mirror and Other Sinister Stories | Nightshade Diary Podcast

It Looked at Me With One Eye and Other Ghostly Stories | Podcast E39

The Children's Skeletons

Red Nails | A Tale of Conan the Cimmerian | Podcast



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