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The Midnight Bride and Another Spooky Story | Nightshade Diary Podcast

The Butcher of Paris | French Serial Killer | Podcast

Paranormal X-Files | Interview at Military X-Files Radio Show | Podcast

The Headless Cat & Other True Ghost Stories | Podcast

The Hitchhiker's Ghost and Other Spine-Tingling Stories | Podcast E16

Jane of George Street and Another Ghost Story | Podcast

The Doomed Romance of Glen and Bessie Hyde

Something Spooky in the Dark and Other Scary Stories | Podcast E14

The Leaden Ring | A Book of Ghosts | Podcast

The Floating Head and Another Creepy Tale | Podcast

The Dead Man's Hand | Haunted Mine | Nightshade Diary Podcast

Nights of a Ghost Hunter | True Stories | Nightshade Diary Podcast

A Shadow in the Corner of the Room | Scary Stories | Podcast E11

The Midnight Bride and Another Spooky Story | Podcast

The Old Victorian House | Tale of a Haunting | Podcast E10

The Unseen Presence and Other Dreadful Tales | Podcast E9

California Dreamin' of Terror Scary Stories | Podcast E8

The Haunted Basement and Other Dark Tales | Podcast E7

The Orange-Haired Footman & Another Ghost Story | Podcast

The Death Bogle | Harbinger of Disaster | Podcast

The Devil's Realm | Interview with John Eagan | Podcast

The Dead Man's Hand | Haunted Mine | Podcast

Vegas Supernatural | Interviewed by Rev. Shawn Whittington | Podcast

Ruthless Ruth Brown Snyder

Nights of a Ghost Hunter | True Stories | Podcast

A Killer in the Family

The Eyeless Woman & Another Creepy Tale

Years of Terror and Other True Tales of Haunted Houses | Podcast E5

The Ghost of Our Unknown Human Ancestor

The Cowboy's Ghost and Other Spooky Stories | Podcast E4

The Cry of the Banshee | Family Curse | Podcast

My First Ghosts | Childhood Experiences | Podcast

The Hitchhiker Murders

The House of the Bloody Cat | Harbinger of Death | Podcast

Crossing to the Other Side | Interview with Josie Varga | Podcast

The House Near the Field & Other Haunted Places | Podcast E2

Nelly's Ghost | A True Haunting | Podcast

The Hell-Bound Train | A Story of Perdition | Podcast

The Cyprian Cat | Shapeshifter Story | Podcast



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